Bali on the Map for Vibrational Cuisine

If your planning a sunny escape this winter, Bali has just upped its game  thanks to Martin Büchele, as he has just put Bali’s Spa Village Resort, Tembok on the map as the next best place to go for a restful and restorative retreat as it is now offering the goodness of the vibrational cuisine movement.

The newly appointed Executive Chef of Spa Village Resort Tembok, located on the Northeastern coast of Bali, Martin has been tasked with fusing healthy lifestyle together with the holistic immersion of the Resort, which is running one of Bali’s upcoming School of Life Wellness Programmes, Martin’s implementation of vibrational cuisine will provide guests with ways in which to harness and change the energy of their body, mind and soul by enjoying his specially thought out and crafted vibrational cuisine.

So what is vibrational cuisine you ask? Tree fruits, raw vegetables, Goji berries and fish can all be considered as high vibrational foods, highly nutritional, it can also be seen as ‘live-food. These foods can enhance digestion, aid in detoxification and support over all wellness.

After a journey of self-rejuvenation last year, Martin chose to take his career one step further and embarked on a mission to find the purest ingredient. In doing so, this led him to a Buddhist Monastery in Kathmandu where he studied the Bon Tradition and was initiated in several Buddhist practices, one of them being the generation of positive energy and the transformation of negative energy. This was the foundation upon which his love for vibrational cuisine was build, and after travelling the world throughout his life, and coming to appreciate the impact of food on wholesome and individual living, it can be said that Martin has definitely found his calling by combining the two.

With an extraordinary culinary background, Martin is definitely the man for the job; his father being a chef and his mother a hotel manager, it seemed that adventuring into the world of fine food and hospitality were a given. Highly innovative, Martin has implemented an inventive array of menus in that include the following: macrobiotic, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH), Heart Healthy, low carbohydrate, diabetic, monosodium glutamate (MSG) free as well as gluten and lactose free diets.

For more information, see the website.