Borneo Day 1

After a long restless nights flight we arrived in Kota Kinabalu safely and were greeted by our guide John. We had a few hours to rest and look around , so we decided we would partake in the hotel Meridian breakfast, it was a beautiful spread but as we were late a lot of the food had been there for a while so was not too fresh. The hotel is nice and the rooms large and clean and the staff are very helpful and courteous. John picked us up from the hotel and we were off to see the Orang Utans.

On arrival  at the Rasa Rai Nature Reserve we headed off to the open area where we watched these amazing animals being fed. The reserve only caters to the young and when they get older they are sent to another reserve in Sabah, we had two little ones about 3 years old frolicking around and swinging on ropes as they ate their fruit…gorgeous!

Back in the car and barely able to keep my eyes open we headed back to Kota Kinabalu but were slowed down by Scott commenting on  all the little stalls alongside the road. John told us they catered mainly to the locals with a traditional (and only found here) Coconut dish of burnt until blackened coconut kelapa bakar only 3 ringa each that’s only $1.

We were pleasantly surprised with a its delicious subtly smokey flavoured coconut water then we had an equally delicious local coconut custard served in the shell, as I had a headache we were able to test the rumoured medicinal value of the custard and I believe my headache was less intense after eating it.

By the time we arrived back at the hotel I was ready for a rest so I headed to my room until dinner time.

As we were waiting for John the Food and beverage manager showed us around the restaurant, it is halfway through Ramadanh here so there is a huge array of food from indian, chinese, local and western to cater for those celebrating Ramadahn.

Off to dinner we go…..on arrival  Kampung Nelayan restaurant we met Dianna and Stephen from Borneo travel.

The restaurant was surrounded by a reservoir and the food was mainly fresh traditional seafood. We were also treated to a traditional dancing show and within minutes of arrival Dianna and I were dragged onto the dance floor strutting our stuff,  it was a lot of fun. We had an assortment of dishes including ostrich in black bean sauce, not too sure about that one it had a really red meaty flavor to me but Scott and the others liked it. Also on the menu were pandang chicken, fish in a sweet and sour sauce, soft shell crab and my favourite a specialty of the country called Borneo veggies….it actually looked like a grass but tasted a little like crunchy asparagus with a delicious soy and garlic sauce.

By now we were waning so we headed back to the hotel after a great day  for a good nights sleep.

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