Borneo Day 2

After a good nights sleep, breakfast in the hotel and the special eye opener drink I was ready for the day.

After being picked up from the hotel, we went to the market to buy food for our cooking class. At the markets we were shown how to desiccate coconuts manually and you wouldn’t believe what the Malaysians can do with coconut. From milk to cookies, in salads, custards and fried desiccated coconut with fried (almost desiccated) chicken and chilli, all delicious.

Then we went across the road to the fish market, but not before our guide has armed us with some aromatic lime leaves to protect our nostrils from the smell.
The fish market was fascinating and did not disappoint us. the variety of fish was huge from little fish to giant garfish, also squid, octopus crab and bugs.

The market was very clean and the stall venders more than happy for us to look.  Another fish was the Fugu which is deadly poisonous, so much so that if you wish to eat it you must first sign a waiver.

On arrival at our cooking class we were introduced to Mrs Halimah Osman from Hajah Halimah traditional cooking experience and received our aprons. It was not unlike the master chef program but with floral aprons (of course Scott had pink) Down to cooking, we made chicken Liku and a salad made from a fern with fried shrimp chilli and herbs! We will post the recipe soon for you.
While we were cooking, the staff were busy in the kitchen whipping up other delicacies for our Lunch. I would highly recommend anyone coming to Kota Kinabalu to visit Hajah Halimah traditional cooking experience, it was very relaxing and lots of fun! If you can’t find them then contact Saba Tourism.

On our way again and we have a few hours on the road to our destination to see the proboscis monkeys, found only in this part of the world not even found in zoos because they only eat young leaves found on particular trees! The name means Big Nose and as the name suggests, they do have really, really big noses. We went us the river in a boat through the jungle and we were not disappointed we saw  the monkeys jumping from tree to tree, I expected Tarzan to appear at any moment. Unfortunately we did not see a crocodile but there where lots of beautiful birds  and silver leaf monkeys. As we were returning down the river in the dark we were welcomed by trees lit up by fire flies then further down the river we could see dark shapes and realised we were meters away from huge water buffalo.

We had a buffet of traditional food and jumped in the car for the 2 hour trip back, exhausted but happy with our day!
Until next time…

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