Borneo Day 3

Today we went on the Heritage Steam Train run. this was a little like a reenactment of bygone days. The track was built in 1903 by the British but the train was manufactured in 1955 to accommodate steam, the fleet of three are part of the only few wood burners left in the world. On arrival we were issued our official passport and then we were off….

All of the staff were dressed in the British costumes of the past, there was music playing and the smell of wood burning in the air all came together to create a very nostalgic feeling amongst the travellers. When we boarded the train we were offered a cold beverage followed  by a lite breakfast then after a few stops and a trip to a temple we were treated to a ‘tiffin’ lunch which was supplied by Sutera Harbour. The food was delicious and included satay chicken, fried spiced mackerel, cucumber & pineapple salad, prawns with veggies, chicken biryana rice and fruit. Whilst travelling we were asked to produce our passport at every stop to have it stamped! It was lots of fun!

Leaving the train we were very tired and we had one more stop before we could have a swim at the hotel but it was worth it. We were met by Youngcrippen and Sharon from Borneo Passages at Kak Nong Restaurant. It was just what we needed on such a hot day. We had 3 different styles of ABC other wise known as Air Batu Campur which means shaved ice mixed with jellies and beans in a flavoured syrup and topped with ice cream.

To our surprise we then had lovely little dessert treats traditional to Borneo and then we had a mild and a hot satay dish.

By now we have eaten two breakfasts and two lunches so we are happy and rounder that yesterday. Now we are off to the hotel for a refreshing dip in the pool and a little shop around the markets.

Looking forward to tomorrow, Scott is going to eat a worm……maybe!

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