Borneo Day 5

We have enjoyed our time in Kota Kinabula at Le Meridien but it is time to leave and go to Gaya Island Resort. Before we leave Le Meridian, Fiona (the General Manager) has suggested we try the special menu prepared by their Michelin star chef for breakfast we had Spinach & Buckwheat Creap and Oat Suflet with berries. It was a long wait but it was worth it. The coffee was well above our expectations so we had a second with Fiona before we headed off to the resort.

After a pleasant boat ride to the five star Gaya Island Resort (Gaya meaning big), we were shown around. It is absolutely gorgeous to say the least. surrounded by lush forest you almost expect Tarzan to come swinging through the trees. We had lunch looking out at the ocean. Tuaren Mee was recomended to us which is a local dish of wok fried egg noodles with garlic, prawns, mushrooms and bean shoots. Scott had an Asian beef burger with wedges which was a bit different to your standard burger with local veggies and no tomato sauce.

As we had to wait a while for our bags we set about relaxing. I headed down to the bar to see a local artist at work. His name is Jam and he works in acrylic and watercolour mainly. Jam has a shop in Kota Kinabalu where you can purchase some of his art works in the form of canvases (large and small) and he does some beautiful rock paintings.

At about 4.30 we headed off to the beach for my first kayak ever. Lots of fun but not too good for my back. This was followed by a cultural experience on the beach with more bamboo dancing, local delicacies like sweets, rice wine and tea. The staff were setting up what looked like a romantic table on the beach. We were told that this often ends in a proposal, and a more perfect setting you couldn’t ask for.

Upon arrival at the restaurant we soaked up our surroundings. The scenery was breathtaking and everything seemed very romantic so it would be a great place for a honeymoon. Dinner was superb starting with Mud Crab Tian, mango salsa, avocado hash & capsicum coulis. Scott had a Tuna Tartaki a black pepper crusted salmon with roe and cacura cress. For mains I had a ‘Symphony of the Sea” seared scallops, stuffed squid, nori prawns & capsicum coulis while Scott had ‘Lobster Thermidor.

Dessert was a surprise as my favourite is Tirimisu which was on the menu but alas it was made with green tea not coffee. It was a real treat but I can’t say I tasted the green tea. Scott had the chocolate lava pudding, great for the chocolate lover but give me the green tea Tirimisu any day.

The staff have been wonderful offering us every comfort imaginable, so after another wonderful day in Borneo we are feeling very happy but alas a little weary.

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