Borneo Day 6

Woke up at 8.45 after a peaceful sleep, to the sounds of the jungle, and set off to the restaurant for breakfast. Quite a good variety of food, I finally had some Kway Teaw which is one of my favourites? It was quite nice with a little bit of chilli added to give it more flavour.

Then we headed off to the nature walk through the dense jungle. Along the trail our guide pointed out many interesting things like the ant hills and the enormous amount of White ants in the area. We also saw a small green viper eating a lizard. The viper is quite venomous and even a small one could cause quite a lot of pain but if you get to the hospital within three hours you should live. Or so the guide said!

After walking in the hot sun we decided to head down to the beach to cool down with a swim before lunch. we were to be at the jetty at 12.30 for our gourmet picnic lunch on Tavajun Bay but I fell asleep and the boat had left without us and to make things worse they had taken our lunch. The wonderful staff were on the ball and immediately made plans for the boat to return for us. We had a wonderful few hours on the private beach. Our lunch had been set out for us away from the other tourists, it was very romantic, or if you are not interested in romance it was still very private and peaceful. I gather this spot has also been the place for many romantic proposals. Our lunch consisted of sandwiches, Chicken and cheese for me and a caramelised onion focaccia for Scott. Followed by local bananas and a refreshing fruit salad! Then cheese and biscuits with blueberries and nuts and cool drinks. There is never any shortage of food here and so much left over. Lunch over and in for another dip and a little reading but not before we spotted a wild boar wandering within metres of us.

On return to the island we decide to visit the sunken bar and just relax in the pool. After a day in the sun this is a great way to relax, especially if you have a delicious cocktail. I have just been introduced to cocktails by Scott and I must say they have some beauties here.

In the evening we headed off on a sunset cruise on a luxurious 64 foot private yacht, Lumba-Lumba to cruise the neighbouring islands.

Our last evening on the Island and dinner is a traditional Kadastan Tribal dinner in a beach mangrove setting.Once again the staff were wonderful and could not do enough for you. The grilled groper was cooked beautifully and had flavour as did the beef but we were disappointed with the corn and the meal was cold. After discussing it with the chef we realised that this was possibly the way it was served 100 years ago. There was so much about this evening and the meal that was positive but paradise is not always perfect I guess.

We had noticed a guitarist and singer earlier so we decided to check out the bar and there they were. It did not take long to encourage Scott to sing a few songs so my night was complete.

Can’t wait to go snorkelling tomorrow!!!

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