Goan Cuisine

Goan Cuisine is a family-owned, Western Australian producer of exotic condiments with Indo-European flavours unique to the formerly Portuguese, Indian state of Goa.Ā Almost 500 years ago the Portuguese sailed to the East in search of exotic spices and Goa (on the west coast of India, 400 km south of Bombay) became their main settlement. Here began the spicy Indo-European gastronomic romanceā€¦ the fiery food of the region, mellowed to accommodate gentler European palates. Continental cuisine was enriched with a bouquet of spices as only the virtuosity of Goan cooks could achieve. This distinct culinary tradition and their age-old family recipes are now part of the rich new flavour of multicultural Australia. Goan Cuisine have a huge range of spicy relishes, pickles, gourmet chutneys, curry pastes and other delicacies available all around Australia and New Zealand, and a collection of recipes on their website shows you some great ideas on how to use these products.