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Quite often I come across people who have been too frightened to wait for the right person to come into their lives.

They settle for second-best in a state of fear.

As a result, they quickly become very disillusioned with their choice.

They also invariably lose self-confidence.

Lack of self-confidence is the basis for their decision to accept second best.

It rapidly escalates to a dreadful increase of fear.

They lose their confidence in decision making.

They lose confidence in their abilities as they find themselves focusing more and more on failure.

The partner they settle for invariably pounces on their weaknesses and continually draws attention to any faults they can find.

The result is that the person gets to the stage that they lose sight of any good values they have.

They invariably believe what the partner says when criticising them.

They totally forget that they have great strengths.

They believe that they deserve criticism.

They believe that everything they do is wrong.

Because they buy into this criticism, they don’t believe they are worthy of having a better relationship.

Until they come to have assistance, they are unable to see their way clear.

They have been totally programmed into believing they are wrong.

The wonderful thing is for these people to understand that this criticism is a form of control.

They find out that they do not have to accept this controlling behaviour.

They can leave the situation and find the right person who will love them and accept them just as they are, unconditionally.

By focusing on their strengths, they are able to refocus and regain confidence in themselves.

It is never too late.

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