New Kinesiology Aromatherapy & Remedial Massage Training in Adelaide

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Recently the Health Arts College started up in Adelaide, bringing new natural health study options to town, including the option to ‘study now pay later’ through the VET Fee Help system.

They’re also Austudy-approved.

Want to find out if you’re eligible for Study Now Pay Later options? Email the course advisor with your full name, state, postcode, mobile number, phone number and highest qualified educational level.

One of the great things about The Health Arts College is where natural therapists generally have a distaste for technology and the geeky side of life, they’re setting trends on social media by having over 6000 followers on Twitter, a huge proportion of whom are health enthusiasts and practitioners around the planet, they also have a Facebook group that even non-students can join, and the principal Brian Knight is even up and going on Pinterest!

To talk to them directly call 1300 658 326.

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