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What is kinesiology? What does it do? Is it real? Over coffee in Kent Town where The Health Arts College has recently set up a campus, we speak to their kinesiology teacher Breanna Iwaszko about this fascinating natural health modality …

What inspired you to become qualified as a kinesiologist?

I was working in administration, good at my job and well liked in the company I was working in. However I felt empty and un-fulfilled – a quality I see in my students all the time! I decided to study kinesiology simply to see what it was all about. I had been to a Kinesiologist a number of times, and while I enjoyed my sessions I didn’t really understand what it was all about.

What did you do before that?

My career prior to kinesiology was mostly administration based – Personal/executive Assistant roles – and Customer Service/ Sales.

Out of the many different types of kinesiology out there, what is it about the type that The Health Arts College teaches that most appeals to you?

There are many different kinesiology streams, however the foundation of muscle testing is best learnt through the Touch For Health system.

The Health Arts college has an excellent syllabus of foundational kinesiology classes in the Certificate IV year, including Touch For Health classes. The Diploma year incorporates classes from a number of the best Kinesiology streams available. This gives students a sample of different specialities enabling them to develop their own interests and decide which kinesiology streams they want to explore further.

The two years of study give students a broad knowledge base with which to base their client service on, a qualification recognised nationally, and the ability to register with professional associations and health funds as a provider. From this platform they can launch a new career as well as continue their studies to become more specialised if they desire to do so.

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How long ago did you become a teacher at The Health Arts College?

I’ve been teaching at The Health Arts college since 2007.

What are some of the best things about working with the team at THAcollege?

I love working in an environment of like minded people. THAcollege has such a diverse student base and I love working with so many different personalities. The admin staff are all friendly and happy to be part of such a dynamic place and the lecturer’s are all so passionate about conveying their skills to students in the most thorough way possible. It is a real pleasure to be part of.

THAcollege seems to have a unique way of structuring their courses so even people who are working full-time can get their qualifications without it dragging on for years on end. Please tell us how that works?

Almost all of the kinesiology classes operate on weekends, approximately 1 weekend a month. A&P classes are also run on weekends, weeknights or online. Common units (general, business, practice management etc) are self paced and also completed online. All this means that most people can continue to work full time while studying a new career pathway.

Are there any other advantages to studying with THAcollege, e.g. course fees? Any Austudy possibilities?

Because the Diploma of Kinesiology is a national qualification and The Health Arts college is a registered training organization there a lot of funding options for students, depending on their individual circumstances – eg: Austudy, fee help/assistance, state funding. Best to talk to the college student co-ordinator about this one, but certainly the college has achieved a lot of milestones in making their courses very accessible to students by getting government financial support set up.

The Diploma of Kinesiology is a two year course, the first year is a Certificate IV in Kinesiology with the second year being the diploma year.

What do you regard as your best qualities as a teacher in the holistic arts?

I’m a dedicated and passionate kinesiologist. I’ve been working as a professional kinesiologist since 1999 and have extensive hands on, clinical experience. This enables me to be in a unique position as a kinesiology instructor as I’m able to teach more then just book knowledge.

I approach every class I instruct as another opportunity to share information that has been very rewarding for me.
I love teaching kinesiology!

What can a student expect career-wise as an outcome of studying kinesiology?

A career in kinesiology can be as specific or as varied as an individual may desire. In an average week I work with digestive disturbances, emotional harmony, hormonal upsets, relationship issues, learning difficulties and nutritional support. My clientele ranges from newborn babies, through to school age children, teenagers, and adults – both male and female.

What do you like about Adelaide?

Adelaide is such a quiet, peaceful city – I love the parklands around the city centre!

Have you found any favourite cafes or restaurants that you’ll be frequenting during your times in Adelaide?

I’ve enjoyed trying out cafes by accident while I’ve been in Adelaide – I particularly enjoy lunch-time menus, as the smaller meals and quicker service times suit my lunch breaks.

You also have your own business, Absolute Well Being – please tell us about that?

Absolute Well Being is a business I run in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. We offer Kinesiology & Remedial Massage consultations, provide corporate massage services and supply selected, specialised, health products designed to improve the health and wellbeing of our clients.

We operate 6 days a week, supply gift vouchers and have a website with an online booking capacity. Our specialised nutritional products can be ordered online as well at

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