Men’s Boxer Shorts, The Truth!

Mens Boxer Shorts, The Truth.

Being a guy is hard, we have to make a lot of tough decisions when getting ready to go out. What shall I eat when I get there, is the new superman movie as good as it looks? This inevitably leads to remembering you must work on your ‘Bane’ accent, ‘No one cared who I was until I put on the mask…’ etc.

An accurate depiction of me drinking a coffee in the morning.

In all seriousness though, I think I highlighted the fact we are too often caught up in manly pursuits to be dressing ourselves properly, and often times we get caught in, well, situations. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m some kind of man-child. But if this also makes sense to you, then listen on.
You’ve got great hair, some rocking jeans and whatever trendy jacket or coat or sweater the cool kids are into these days. I have a personal preference for American baseball jackets right now myself. You’re set, you’re ready to party, and you head out into the world like Alexander the Great, who I assume walked with great purpose and sexy confidence.

Or you could be emulating the original Mr Smooth?

Which is a ridiculous assumption as he was the conqueror of the known world by the time he was in his early 20’s we can’t accurately compare ourselves with him. However, let’s say we are doing pretty good at dressing ourselves on this occasion.
Now, being a man child is a mostly noble pursuit, which, perhaps unfairly, should be kept mainly within the company of other equally young minded males and away from the fairer sex. Explaining the finer points of a FIFA match, or the reason why fishing is a good laugh (copious amounts of drinking while attempting a ‘sport’), are almost always lost in translation, so don’t bother. However, and bear with me here, occasionally your fun side will explode outwards and dwarf your competent masculinity side and make you seem a little ridiculous.
In this example, your fun side is illustrated by what’s in your boxer shorts, and by that, I mean the thought that goes into them. Settle down.
So, continuing with the largely disjointed scenario I’m currently laying out for you, we will get there I promise, you’ve gone out for a good time, and then this happens…

Maybe you're just playing an innocent game of cards with friends?

For whatever reason, you are required to display your under garments. Perhaps you are going superhero, in which case you NEED to wear your undies on the outside, or simply because, well, I don’t know another good reason you’d be in your boxers during a night out.
It’s at this stage you realise, you are wearing your finest Targѐt comedic pants. Sure, they seemed fun at the time, you chuckled at the innuendo, ‘I am a cheeky devil’, you thought, maybe you do want someone to ‘kiss you, hug you and text you’?
I totally love jokes though, honestly, I look at a lot of memes and funny pictures, on the internet, where I leave them. However I don’t wear them around and use them as shelter for my most exalted areas.
Though Courage/Insanity Wolf boxer shorts would be excellent.
However, and this shall be my final piece of advice. Check out Belmondo Boxers, they’re Australian, and have enough colour to come across fun, but the designs also show off that kind of calm, professional masculinity that a good suit brings to the table.

Suit up your underwear!

That’s how you should be thinking about your boxers from now on gents, make a mental note, I am going to wear the boxer short equivalent of a suit. Also, you should almost always wear a suit.

Even if you end up in a Johnny Cash style situation, you'll still end up looking good.