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remedial massage training courses adelaide south australia study natural medicine colleges schoolsWe speak to Antonette Golikidis, teacher at The Health Arts College who recently opened a campus in Kent Town, about the joys of life in the holistic realm …

What inspired you to become qualified in remedial massage? What did you do before that?

After a highly successful period of involvement in the telecommunications industry, working in a fast paced corporate environment I decided to adapt a more holistic approach to my lifestyle that would enable me to find a balance between work, health and family.

I sought professional training, obtaining a Diploma in Health Science specialising in Remedial.

Out of the many different types of massage out there such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Remedial and Reflexology for starters, which are the ones you most like receiving?

Of all the type of modalities on offer for me a simple Swedish massage is my favourite.  The therapist performs various massage strokes that warm up and work the muscle tissue, releasing tension and breaking up muscle knots or adhered tissues, called adhesions. Swedish massage promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension and creates other health benefits. Once mastered it’s the fundamental building blocks that can then advance your skills to incorporate other holistic techniques and modalities.

How long ago did you become a teacher at The Health Arts College?

I’m very fortunate to have been with the Health Arts College from conception over 7 years ago.

I vividly remember taking a beautiful piece of red ribbon that was cut on the opening evening and cut again in tiny pieces and distributed amongst the many people who came along.

To share Brian’s belief and vision to bring like minded people together, to learn advanced skills with a focus on individuality while at never any time compromising on the highest level of education, has made it a deeply satisfying seven years.

What are some of the best things about working with the team at THAcollege?

The college is unique in its ability to work closely with students, we offer theoretical components and practical hands on teachings.

Student clinics and many workshops so that all students have the opportunity to feel ready and able once completion of the course to work in their specialist field.

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THAcollege seems to have a unique way of structuring their courses so even people who are working full-time can get their qualifications without it dragging on for years on end. Please tell us how that works?

I know what its like to work in a job and study part time, each waking moment thinking when can I leave my day job and reach out and work in the field that excites me. Well we understand this at the college and have tailored your learning so that you can complete your Common Units which is a theory component of the course in your own time out of class.

We also structure the classes so that we offer as much hands on practice as possible so that you gain confidence and have time to ask questions in class, so that when you practice in your own time is basically just refreshing your skills as practice makes perfect.

THA College has also listened to our students and are offering Intensive Day courses which are completed in half the time and offer a comprehensive full 1 day of learning  a week so that you have the opportunity to fast track your career.

Are there any other advantages to studying with THAcollege, e.g. course fees? Any Austudy possibilities?

Studying with THA college has never been easier, with course advisers available to help recommend the right type of course that suits your lifestyle and time.  They are also able to run through the many options available to pay for your course such as government approved subsidy options and payment plans.

How long do the courses take?

Cert IV can be completed as quickly as 6-12 monthsWith Diploma level completion in 12 months and advance diplomas by 18-24mths.. Short courses and intensive days are also on offer as additional modules to many of the courses.

What do you regard as your best qualities as a teacher in the holistic arts?

When you come across a college as open and diverse as THA college you will find that it attracts teachers who are able to fully expand on their very own skills and teaching characteristics. Brian as the Principle of the college is very supporting and encourages the openness of teaching which is very favoured by the students – or so we are told. So therefore to be able to teach to students in our own unique way – it’s very satisfying and rewarding.

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What can a student expect career-wise as an outcome of studying remedial massage?

The sky is the limit for our students as there is an abundance of opportunity for them once they are qualified therapist.  The key is their belief in themselves and their dreams.

We supply the tools, confidence and skills of qualification then we see the rest transpire.

Many past students have gone off to work in clinics, aged care facilities, their own practices and even abroad with their new skill sets.

What do you like about Adelaide?

I love the idea of capturing the best qualities we have on offer in our Melbourne campus and bringing this wealth of knowledge to Adelaide to begin a new journey of THA College.

The people of Adelaide are embracing to what we have on offer with a thirst for knowledge and a caring relaxed nature about them that makes it an ideal place to offer our holistic courses.

Have you found any favourite cafes or restaurants that you’ll be frequenting during your times in Adelaide?

So they say Adelaide is the city of Churches but I have since discovered it’s the city of food with an abundance of fresh food and wine of course….  Also the place is so green! This morning had the pleasure of walking through the most beautiful parklands it’s refreshing to be away from the fast pace of Melbourne.

You also have your own business in organic baby products – please tell us about that?

Yes I am the creative force behind Little Innoscents a divine certified organic baby skincare range. When I fell pregnant with my first child, I searched for baby products that were chemical free. I was disappointed to find a limited range of products, which were often difficult to locate, overly expensive, or offered misleading information. I found that there were products out there claiming to be pure, natural and organic, however after reading the labels closely, although containing some organic ingredients, they also contained combinations of synthetic ingredients and preservatives within their formulations. It was at this point that I decided to develop my own baby care range.

The range is stocked both nationally across the country and internationally.

I hope to inspire you by telling this story as Little Innoscents would never have come to life without the support and assistance from THA college, as I am also a fellow student who completed my Cert IV Aromatherapy at THA college. The course gave me the skills, ideas and encouragement that planted little seeds in my mind that once watered have grown and blossomed into a wonderful creation.

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