Why do Australians choose coffee over Easter eggs?

In the lead up to Easter, The Coffee Club conducted a survey of its customers from across NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, ACT and NT, aged between 18 – 59 years, finding almost three quarters of respondents would prefer to consume coffee before Easter eggs.

According to John Lazarou, The Coffee Club Director, the group commissioned the survey to discover how families manage Easter. Over 3, 800 Australians responded to the survey, a majority choosing coffee over both chocolate and alcohol. “We’re delighted to hear that almost 70 per cent of Aussies rely on coffee to help them survive Easter,” said John. “The Coffee Club is a family-friendly place so we wanted to find out how families handle the crazy holiday period.”

Over half of the respondents admitted that scheduling in time alone would be a necessity to manage the busyness of Easter. Almost three quarters of those who responded admitted to feeling anxious about keeping the family entertained while on holidays. Research also found that almost 50 per cent of respondents prefer to drink cappuccinos, closely followed by flat whites at 30 per cent.