12 Must Visit Wineries in the Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley has always been a great place to visit, however they’ve never been more spectacular in terms of choice of adventurous activities, world conquering wines and spectacular accommodation than now.
We wanted to take a look at 12 of the best wineries in the region for you so you can have some idea of where to take yourself for a nice holiday. The list is in no particular order (I like all wine), so feel free to head along to whichever one you fancy.
1. Tower Estate Winery
A 5 star experience with an amazing restaurant, I’m all about the eating and the drinking, so snaffling up good wine and good food helped make the Tower Estate stand out for me on my trip.

2. Bilgavia Estate
The scenery here is amazing, much like most of the Hunter Valley, however unlike the rest of the region they have their own unique microclimate in this area and as such offer a different tasting wine selection to the rest of the area.

3. Krinklewood Vineyard
The Krinklewood Vineyard deserves a mention because it is 100% biodynamic but also offers a genuine taste of what the region can produce, the owners don’t try and make their wines taste as though they’re from somewhere else, so these are a real joy to drink.

4. Margan
I think when travelling to drink wine, knowing about what food is available is a must. The two go hand in hand after all. If you like a bit of Tapas, this could just be the place for you, but also think about splashing out on their limited release aged shiraz, which is usually a big hit! Hopefully there’ll be some left when you get there!

5. Meerea Park Wines
Niftily snapping up many of the best grape growing areas in the region Meerea Park Wines offers up a number of award winners, while being champion wine makers, they haven’t lost their fun side though, with the interestingly named ‘Hell Hole’ wine offering up something a little unique.

6. Mistletoe Wines
With an art gallery and sculpture garden onsite, plus twilight tasting sessions, this is the place to go when you want to have an intimate evening with a loved one. Top class.

7. Peppertree
Winner of the Hunter Valley Cellar Door of the Year for 2011, you come here when you’re looking for the best the region is producing at the moment. Stop by, grab a few of their choicest drops, and make yourself a great afternoon, evening, or night.

8. Scarborough
An amazing view and a warm reception, eat some cheese, drink some wine, and relax.

9. Drayton’s Family Wines
Established 150 years ago Drayton’s has to be one of the oldest and most prestigious wineries in the valley. I had the fortune to spend a good half day exploring the area with a member of the Drayton family acting as tour guide, and was delighted by the sense of humour and no nonsense advice he gave me in regards to many a wine related subject. Very friendly and very open.

10. Gosforth estate
A small vineyard of 6 acres offers an intimate feel, while the proximity to the Hunter river offers some scenery you won’t find at many other wineries. However the Gosforth Estate is open by appointment only, so please ring ahead.

11. McGuigan Cellars
Home to McGuigan Fine Wines, the Hunter Valley Cheese company and chocolate and fudge shop. There’s a lot here so swing by and check it out!

12. McWilliams Mt Pleasant Estate
Notable as the largest wholly Australian-owned family-run winery in the country, you’ll find a tasting room, a bar and lounge on site and of course a café to grab a quick bite.

I’d also like to give a mention to the wonderful place I stayed in, which, to my mind has to be some of the best accommodation in the Hunter Valley. So thankyou also Englewood Ridge for making my stay so pleasurable!

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